The letter of the UEMS PRM for Ukrainian

Guido MBHome, News Simfer

5th March 2022

The Executive Committee of the UEMS Section and Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) condemns any act of war, violence, aggression, and violation of human rights.

As PRM doctors, we are well aware of the devastating consequences that the interruption of healthcare delivery, in Ukraine, due to military actions may bring in terms of increased mortality and disability in the population.

We wish to express our solidarity to the health and rehabilitation professionals currently involved in the care of persons with disability in war territories and to all people in great suffering in these dramatic moments.

We are receiving reports from our Ukrainian colleagues about the tragic situation they experience. Our thoughts are constantly with them. We wish to assure them that they have our full and sincere support.

Nikolaos Barotsis
President of the UEMS PRM Board
Mauro Zampolini
President of the UEMS PRM Section