Survey Adaptive sports/parasports as a rehabilitative tool for patients with physical disabilities

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Adaptive sports/parasports as a rehabilitative tool for patients with physical disabilities
Dear participant,

The ESPRM, in collaboration with the SISC Sports Affairs, is conducting a research on the use of adaptive sports/parasports as a rehabilitation tool for individuals with physical disabilities. The aim of the survey is to examine the use of adaptive sports/parasports in rehabilitation in Europe, and to identify obstacles that hinder its development.

Adaptive sports/parasports include all sports which have been modified to accommodate the abilities of individuals with physical disabilities, such as wheelchair users or individuals with physical impairements. This includes wheelchair basketball, handbiking, horseback riding, boccia, power wheelchair soccer, swimming, sitting volleyball, etc.

All rehabilitation healthcare professionals are invited to participate in this survey, which consists of maximum 38 questions and will take approximately 12 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary. Please answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible. There are no right or wrong answers.

This study has received ethical approval from the University of Liège’s Ethics Board. Your answer will remain anonymous and will be analyzed in accordance with GDPR. IP addresses and email addresses will not be collected.

The results of this study will be presented in a summarized form and no identifying data will be disclosed.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact Louise Declerck via email (

We thank you for your participation.

Best regards,

Louise Declerck, Alvydas Juoce, Karol Hornacek, Markos Sgantzos, Nicolas Christodoulou, Jean-François Kaux, on behalf of ESPRM SISC Sports Affairs