segui il 26.02.2021 h. 12.45 – Launch of the WHO Rehabilitation Competency Framework

Guido MBNews Simfer

The need to strengthen the rehabilitation workforce has never been greater.


Profound rehabilitation worker shortages, maldistribution, and issues of quality and relevance pose a major barrier to people accessing the care they need, when and where then need it. Competency frameworks are an important mechanism for addressing these challenges, especially in contexts where the rehabilitation workforce is emerging.

Join us on 26 February as we launch the WHO Rehabilitation Competency Framework and learn what it is and why it is a powerful tool for addressing the massive workforce challenges faced in rehabilitation. Some of the foremost experts on health workforce will discuss how the Framework can be used, and the potential it has in areas such as education and training, and regulation.

Feb 26, 2021 12:45 PM