Progetto Europeo MyWay

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Il progetto MY WAY è stato finanziato dal programma ERASMUS+ SPORT e coinvolge varie organizzazioni e attori del mondo dello sport, accademici e scientifici (centri di riabilitazione, facoltà di scienze della salute, associazioni culturali, associazioni di pazienti) provenienti da
Croazia, Repubblica Ceca, Grecia, Italia e Lituania. MY WAY ha lo scopo di sviluppare, implementare e trasferire pratiche innovative relative all’attività fisica nel migliorare la salute negli individui fragili, come i pazienti che hanno avuto un ictus
“MY WAY project has been funded by the ERASMUS+ SPORT programme and involves various organizations and actors in and outside sport (rehabilitation centres, health science faculty, social and cultural associations, professional educators’ groups) from Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, and Lithuania. MY WAY project has the aim to develop, implement and transfer innovative practices related to physical activity and exercise enhancing health in post-stroke patients”
“The project has the aim to develop, implement and transfer innovative practices related to physical activity enhancing health in frail individuals, such as post-stroke patients.
In comparison with acute medical care, longer-term management and support of stroke patients have not been as well researched to identify unmet clinical needs, best practices, or to describe what is being provided by each health system.
Physical activity and exercise are highly recommended in the chronic phase to sustain functions gained in post-stroke rehabilitation and as part of long-term secondary prevention to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke and other vascular events.
The huge variability in residual impairment after stroke in the different patients and the need to meet the preference of patients to maintain a long-term adherence, justify a tailored counseling for physical activity programs. Different forms of physical activities will be evaluated in the course of the project allowing to each patient to find his own way to improve his quality of life, contributing at the same time to long-term secondary prevention, taking into consideration, in a realistic way, the solutions available. This is the reason why the project name is: MY WAY.”