invito della ESPRM a partecipare al Working Group for implementation of the ISCoS-ESPRM MoU

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Dear colleagues,


Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between ESPRM and ISCoS, I would appreciate your contribution in informing willing colleagues from your country to participate in the Working Group for implementation of the ISCoS-ESPRM MoU.


An Implementation Working Group (IWG) will be established to determine priorities and to support practical implementation of the MoU. The IWG will consist of members of the ISCoS (External Relations Committee and Affiliate Societies-Networks Sub Committee) and ESPRM (Special Interest Scientific Committee for Spinal Cord Injury). The IWG can also co-opt other members with relevant experience and expertise. The IWG will formulate annual operational plans based on the following objectives:

4.1: Mapping Exercise: To map existing services, key organizations and points of contact in countries in Europe

4.2: Survey: To design and circulate a survey to, organizations/individuals identified in the mapping exercise, to determine strengths and weaknesses of SCI service provision

4.3: Training and Capacity Development Support: To establish a training and capacity development programme for countries in Europe where SCI service remain limited/require strengthening.

4.4: Advocacy and Awareness: To establish an advocacy and awareness programme related to the causes and consequences of SCI and the benefits of comprehensive SCI management service provision

4.5: Minimal Standards: To determine minimum standards relating to SCI service provision, human resources, information and data collection, financing, and policy

4.6: Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) – Information Card: To develop a European/International standardized AD information card highlighting causes, management and prevention of AD

4.7: European Regional SCI Network: To establish an appropriate and relevant European SCI Regional Network


Colleagues with special interest in the rehabilitation of persons with SCI who are eager to work in specific actions of above mentioned will be very welcomed.

Volunteers should contact me directly at

A zoom meeting will be scheduled in June for those willing to participate in the IWG.


Thank you in advance



Christina-Anastasia (Annie) RAPIDI

Secretary of ISCoS & Chair of ESPRM-SISC for SCI 

e-mail:, mobile tel: +306942404275